Eve cup menstrual cup is innovative, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The ideal solution for personal hygiene. Made of 100% Platinum Silicone tolerance it is optimal, allowing a maximum 12-hour prolonged use.

Why Eve Cup? No cause allergies, or cause fungal infections, or urethritis. Not adversely alter the natural environment of the vagina Ideal for the practice of sport. Comfortable day, night or when traveling.

How to put my cup eve? Before first use, it is recommended to sterilize (boiling water for a few minutes or sterilize in a special solution). Always place it with clean hands. Eve recommend entering his glass while sitting, squatting, kneeling or standing. Choose the position you more comfortable and to facilitate insertion, wet it with water or use water-based lubricant and follow the steps. 1. Compress the cup in hand 2. Fold in half lengthwise 3. Place it obliquely towards the bottom leaving it embedded in the vaginal cavity

¿ Getting my cup eve? With clean and in the position that is most comfortable and relaxed hands, tighten your vaginal muscles to encircle the cup at the entrance to the vagina. With the help of a finger make sure the edges of the glass are well detached from the vaginal wall. Compress the bottom releasing the pressure to remove and pour its contents into the toilet. Wash the cup with hot water and soap neutral pH, keep it in your bag (included) How do I use my eve cup? Remove and empty the cup every 12 hours maximum. The sleeve may be trimmed cup Eve, to suit the optimum length of each person.

IMPORTANT; Do not use eve cup for more than 12 hours Do not use the cup for sex Use only water-based lubricant includes a handy bag after use and instruction book inside.

Dermatologitamente tested in European women

Size L / Measures; Diameter Length 3.8 cm x 6 cm

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