PLAY KISS couple erotic game.

There are 69 cards divided into 3 color test. Shuffle colocares each separately and put into place on the board.

Each player chooses three random tests without reading them, one for color and saved until the end of the game.

Both players roll their dice and the one receiving the highest number starts and move the boxes, the first player to the next level, is rewarded with being passive and shall keep the blindfold on.

Whoever reaches the goal is a very special reward. Discover it yourself.


- 1 board
- 2 dice
- 4 cards: two for boys and two for girls
- 69 test cards
- 1 vibrator
- 1 satin ribbon to use as a bandage or tie
- 1 Intimate Lubricant
- 3 condoms taste, color and odor
- 1 hourglass XXX

Is suggested for: beverage, bottle of chilled champagne, jam, looking forward

For 2 players

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