Erotic game 5 dice, play sexy sexual stimulus for two or more players.

A romantic game for two or a kinky party game for a group of friends.


Each player selects a face as it has the name of a body part in order to be represented in the game. If more than four players participating in the game, players can share and team colors.

If less than four players, remove the dice that are used to represent other players.

Players take turns rolling the dice with all being played.

The action red die exit is to be made. You decide which player will make the action, using one of the other dice. then you take out the action on the part of the body named in the die that player represented. If more than one player represented by the dice, then you select the player of that team and carry out the action with the player.


- 4 dice of body parts.
- 1 given stock.

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