For a fun and unforgettable night Do you dare to play?

The game consists of two phases:

The first phase is set in desserts dinner. It is to go by testing answering questions, as you progress through the board. Each player must have on hand a cup, which will take place during all night.

The first goal of the game is to reach the last box to Meta. the player or group of players who get free meal; dinner is paid to others.

Start playing the boyfriend. Roll the die and as many boxes as it indicates progresses, you can move to the right, left, forward or diagonally, but never backward. The black boxes are pruebnas and red, questions. The player realizarña conestarátest or question you have answered him. If successful, their record back one box and drink his glass. If you answer the question wrong, doing wrong test or refuses to do it, he will advance two squares and shall drink until you enter the game. Then it is the turn of the next player or group of players and so on. In the event that is played by groups, the die is thrown only once per computer and test the question or made a single representative (not always be the same). Test cards and leaving questions used will go back into the corresponding lot, under all.

Whenever a player or group of players fall into a box with shot, they must, in addition to the test or answer the question that touch them drink.

When a player approaches the Target box, it will take an envelope and random mission will not open until all players have reached the end of the board and have taken a corresponding envelope. Within each mission there about five equal adhesives.

Each of the group members stick in your plate one of these adhesives, indicating the tasks to be carried out during the night. Those who are unable to perform all the missions that corresponded him throughout the night, uegra dance with the groom on the wedding.

The set includes;

    30 test cards
    30 question cards
    6 envelopes mission
    5 adhesivios mission in each envelope
    25 adhesive sheets 1 to 25 for the groom and friends.
    6 records tit
    2 dice

It suggests you.

Lust for life.

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