Fleshjack CLASSIC ORIGINAL JACK ASS, male masturbator is the most famous and sold worldwide, with half a million units sold and 10 years in the market as well as being the only product that has a patent to donate sperm in fertility clinics.

It has an incredible softness, like you're entering your penis into a vagina real, high quality and a perfect size.

Has a unique and exclusive as it is closed when no one would imagine that if this could be a male masturbator.

Now with the new transparent version, you'll see penetration as you've never before seen.

The tour inside the masturbator is perfectly suited to the penis to achieve a greater sense of pleasure. Also inside smells very nice vanilla.

Fleshlight ® is 100% secure and very easy to use and clean.

Using Fleshlight ® often strengthen your erections and you will increase penile strength, training due to the tissues of the limb. You will notice an improvement within months.

Includes a handy lid to store and protect it once used.

Fits all sizes of penis.

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