PASSION PLAY couple erotic game.


- 1 board
- 2 dice
- 96 test cards (48 for the / 48 for her)
- 2 tabs (1 tab tits / dick 1 record)
- 1 vibrator
- Metal handcuffs
- Balls
- 1 Lipstick penis
- 1 Intimate Lubricant
- 3 condoms taste, color and odor
- 1 hourglass XXX

Is suggested for: drink, a can of cream, looking forward

First you choose the beverage that each player will drink during the course of the game.

There are 48 cards to each player divided in 4 different colors, which are to be used according to the sequence of color on the board.

each player must roll the dice and whoever gets the highest number starts.

The different items that come with the game, be used when the required test.

are advanced as many boxes as indicated in the given number.

The cards will be used according to the color of the board. The boy used the cards identified skyline and the girl used the cards identified with woman silhouette.

Falling into the box with a picture of a drink, you have to take a sip of your drink, kiss your partner and immediately catch a card to proceed to the next test. If the person you miss playing kiss your partner and remember the contrary, the first will lose a garment previously will be chosen by its rival.

If both players agree on the same box, you have to kiss immediately, but the last to realize this pledge lose a previously chosen by their rival.

Each position has to practice using the hourglass timed. Once the die is rolled over to go to the next position.

transurso during the game and in all tests which are lost in these clothes will be chosen by the opponent and garments must be visible (ie not worth choosing briefs or panties if they have not previously lost pants or skirt)

the time allowed for each test, each card contained in xxx and begin appearing once everything is ready, using the hourglass to time.

in all groups of cards, a call wildcard. The player whose turn it is can keep it until the end of the corresponding fase.Esta card can not be used in other phases of color.El wildcard is used to enable touch who would choose whether or ask for proof that you make your rival.

to get into the boxes at the end of the heart, (the positions) is not required an exact number on the dice, you can simply wait for the opponent and so to get started on these boxes together.

each position has to practice using the hourglass to time. Once the time comes with the dice to practice the next position.

The player decides to continue longer than the clock tick or the player who reaches orgasm will be the loser.


For 2 players 

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