VAGINAL DREAMCUP CUP menstrual cup, also known as vaginal or simply cup silicone cup is an ecological substitute the current feminine hygiene methods such as tampons and sanitary towels.

  The operating mechanism of a menstrual cup is simple. It is a silicone or latex cup which is inserted into the vagina during the days of menstruation. Unlike tampons and pads, the cup does not absorb menstrual flow, holds it in his bowl so that we can get rid of it later.

Menstrual cups are reused, so they are sustainable for the environment and the wallet, and we saved money by not having to replace tampons or pads every time you have your period.

Menstrual cups are not only green and save money we make are also beneficial to our health. The use of pads and tampons are associated with dryness problems, candidiasis, Toxic Shock Syndrome. However, menstrual cups do not adversely affect our health, they are annoying and do not alter our menstruation.

We recommend its use

The cups are available in pink, come in a pink box and into a bag for storage atercipelada, information in Spanish.


Is presented in a pink box that has carried the name "Menstrual Cup" in carrying a bag of satin for that once you save Use this pouch and is securely closed.


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